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3.Shin Ohtake, Max Workouts Review (2012 Update)

  • Great For:
  • Fat Loss
  • Circuit Training
  • Paid support
  • Time Required:
  • 20-30 minutes Day
  • 4 -5 times Week
  • Where:
  • Best suited for home
  • or gym with dumbbells
  • and med ball
  • My Rating
  • Body Building - 9/10
  • Fat Loss/Cardio - 8/10
  • Nutrition - 9/10
  • Overall Value- 9/10

The Author

Shin was born in Tokyo and grew up in many cities around the world. He grew up in an athletic family, and was always passionate about fitness and sports. When he was a young child, he ran track and field, and swam competitively, at a national and international level, for more than a decade. Shin is now a sports conditioning coach and trainer training local athletes in Los Angeles.


"My review this year in 2012 of Shin's Max Workouts is that more than ever short, fast and intense workouts are becoming more and more adopted in gyms around the world."

The main thrust of Shin's ideology is short but intense circuit and cardio workouts of around 20 minutes not including a warm ups for 4 to 5 days weekly. His workouts do include dumbbells and barbell resistance and weight training exercises but also many other circuit style exercises using body weight resistance like lunges and using a medicine ball. I would not say it's the traditional weight lifting workout but instead a leaner more cardiovascular with resistance TRAINING METHOD that will condition your body. In saying that many of the best weightlifting compound exercises are included its just not the only thing he does. Its mixed with circuit resistance training.

The exercises on each day are done one after the other without rest and then rest between 'rounds' and repeat for his optimal number of rounds. An example is say 3 different exercises with weights or without done one after the other quickly and at very high intensity with a small rest at the end and then repeated. The goal is to decrease rest, increase resistance to increase fitness.

Shin does not really allude to the purpose of all of his exercises other than to explain that his clients achieve their goals and become fitter and more athletic. In fact he tells them to think of themselves as athletes. His core ideas revolve around Quality, Intensity and Power. When you improve one or more of these you get fitter.

The E Book itself is only 120 odd pages long and is mostly packed with workout routines for 90 days training from a beginner to intermediate and advanced level. Each progressing to the next in 30 days. The workouts are detailed and very good with clear pictures of Shin performing each exercise, many of which I had never performed.

The resistance training over 20 minutes is mixed in with high intensity style interval cardio sessions. In fact Shin suggests buying a specific stopwatch which I did buy that is made for interval training in that you can program it to beep on each interval. For example beep on 30 seconds for 7 out of 10 intensity and beep following that interval at 1 minute 30 seconds for lower intensity recovery. I did make very good use of this suggested stop watch for HIIT Sprints in my local park to great effect. In fact I found the high intensity interval training the most useful part of his program for me. I certainly found that his program explained interval training well and provided a number of HIIT training workouts to try for different levels of progression.

I also tried Shin's intermediate resistance TRAINING METHODs for 4 weeks later on and found that they were quite a challenge not from a heavy weight perspective but from an endurance perspective. So I think his program certainly helps with athletic conditioning. I did however find that I was losing some of the muscle mass that I had gained due to not exercising some areas like the chest with as much intensity as a normal weights routine. This was more an aesthetic thing of course but for me I wanted to achieve both aesthetics and fitness and so Max Workouts to me focused mostly on the athletic conditioning. Body building is in fact not mentioned at all in Max Workout so I would say the program is more about general athletic fitness. Weight loss is mentioned in a chapter on nutrition which is pretty broad in nature.

Overall I found Shin's Max Workouts program to be well suited to the home gym circuit style of fitness ie I did get a few looks jumping around in the gym over trying some of the Maxworkouts. I can also certainly see how it improves fitness and overall conditioning and strength. On the downside I would say the book is quite brief on what its intended to do overall and did not provide a huge amount of insight as to why or what these exercises were for or what they helped you with. The exercises themselves looked cumbersome to the trained eye and for me the small $29 price tag justified the HIIT cardio programs alone that I personally adapted with Sean's body building program (although he has those now too). I will warn you that when you purchase the e book you automatically become a member of his Maxworkouts Club and be billed $27 every month unless you cancel it within the first month. So I would conclude by sating that Maxworkouts seems to me to be more of an online fitness membership club that has many more additional support services online like a forum and many other workouts. If your looking for a detailed fat loss program and want online support through a forum and are happy to pay the monthly fees then Max Workouts is the program for you.

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