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1. Sean Nalewanyj, Muscle Gain Truth

  • Great For:
  • Body Building
  • Lean Muscle
  • Nutrition
  • Fat Loss
  • Time Required:
  • 1 hour day x 3 days
  • Where:
  • Gym or Home Gym
  • My Rating
  • Body Building - 9/10
  • Fat Loss/Cardio - 8/10
  • Nutrition - 9/10
  • Overall Value- 9/10

The Author

Sean started out as a skinny adolescent and was often teased for being thin . More than anything he hated the way he looked and felt weak and small compared to other boys. After much internal dialogue and negativity he decided one day that enough was enough and he made a conscious decision to change. He decided he would be big and muscular no matter what it took. He skilled his craft through basic trial and error and a lot of research on muscle building and growth. His achievements are obvious when you see his before and after shots. Sean certainly comes across as an authentically driven individual that did a great amount of research for his book.


This is a complete bodybuilding E book that covers Sean's personal beliefs on how to gain lean muscle in the shortest possible time frame. Sean's book is one of the most if not the most comprehensive Fitness Book around. If you are looking at building any amount of muscle especially a significant amount then this e book is definitely the one to go with. He writes in a well thought out logical fashion. This E Book is probably the best out there in terms of explaining a specific philosophy on how to build muscle, why it grows, how it grows, the science behind it and the steps required to achieve your goal. His philosophy is also quite specific and unique and certainly not something you will find easily on the internet. One example is he tells you exactly how many repetitions and sets you need to complete and at what intensity to gain the most amount of growth. Importantly he doesn't just tell you what to do and how many reps but he tells you why he believes this is the most efficient METHOD.

The book covers subjects like why muscle grows, intensity and progression, the importance of warm up, the ideal rep range, duration, exercise selection, free or machine weights, nutrition, supplements, rest and rebuilding. It also includes a complete second E book with his specific workout routines.

Sean's basic philosophy is that you should not train more than 3 days for an hour each day and always give your body the chance to recover and muscles the nutrition to rebuild. He has very unique ideas on the ideal rep range to build muscles and the type of exercises to focus on like compound exercises and other full body exercises to get the body to release testosterone and really compound your progression.

His philosophies are consistent with what advanced trainers believe regarding muscle growth but he is also quite unique in that he has written a book with advanced techniques aimed at the average Joe. So it has been especially formulated to get the most out of 3 x 1 hour sessions or 3 hours of training per week not necessarily for the bodybuilder that wants to train twice a day. Of course his training philosophies can be adapted to 2 days or 4 days training per week depending on your goals but essentially it's a well researched and well thought out E Book on the principles of muscle growth.

His main book doesn't go much into cardio but he does offer an additional E Book at a discount which integrates Cardio training in the high intensity interval manner. The main contentious issue for some wanting to lose weight is doing cardio and mass building at the same time will conflict. Sean however does show through his second E Book how to make cardio work with a weight training regime and most importantly why resistance training is just as important if not more important for losing weight than cardio as it increases your metabolism. I strongly endorse this theory from personal experience as does just about every other professional trainer in the business. Cardio + Resistance (weights) is at least 50% better than Cardio on its own. That's the case for both men and women. I found that once I got down to a happy weight level I could even cut out cardio all together and not gain weight as the weight training was enough to keep it off. Regardless I always like to go back to short cardio intervals as it helps to define muscle and importantly makes you feel aerobically fit.


Sean's Muscle gain Truth is the No 1 E book in my opinion on traditional weight training exercises. I personally followed his philosophy very closely right at the beginning and got some excellent gains in muscle and losing weight. I still use his basic weight training technique in terms of number of reps, the intensity level and the type of weights and compound exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck. If your looking to gain muscle look no further. if your looking to lose weight I would also recommend Sean as he has another E book on cardio and most importantly you should ALWAYS use resistance training first and foremost to increase your metabolism and lose weight and then augment this with cardio. I used Sean's regime for building muscle and losing weight and combined his weights program with high intensity short cardio sessions and it did wonders for me. The section on protein and building muscle is also a gem as for a long time my muscles stopped growing and I found out through his E book that that low protein and at the wrong times was the culprit. I simply wasn't feeding the muscles the appropriate protein to rebuild. Sean explains why protein is so important not just for professional body builders but just as importantly for the amateur. You simply wont gain lean muscle without proper nutrition and Sean tells you exactly how you should feed that muscle. Many other E books say the same thing but just don't persuade you in the same logical way Sean does. Sean also goes into the whole supplement area in a very lengthy and detailed way. Both of these areas don't need a whole lot of fancy diets or supplements just some good basic and easy to implement strategies that will make a huge difference to your outcomes. Again don't think you need to be some advanced trainer to apply these strategies. They are all simple, non time consuming strategies that will help you get the most out of your workouts and stop wasting time in the gym.

Although I don't like giving stars, if I had to I would give this one a 5 out if 5 for delivering on its promise. Good for anyone that wants to spend anytime at all doing some weights be it beginner or advanced. Although I glow about this E Book I certainly don't think many others were written as well as this one so that's one of the other reasons I enjoyed this book so much. And no I am not telling you this due to some big commission check, if that were the case I would recommend others first. I tell you this because I genuinely found Sean's E Book the best one for me and many others for the above mentioned reasons. Simply put, you wont be disappointed.

You also get a bonus video footage of Sean himself going hard in the gym showing you exactly how he works out. Its quite impressive to see the guy practicing what he preaches. This is mainly to show you the correct intensity level and form. Furthermore all the exercises are available online showing Sean himself doing the exercises with proper form and accompanying explanation . All the workouts are written out for you in detail so your ready to go. No guessing or doing more research. Its easy to start as soon as you put the E Book down. This is exactly what I did when I started with Sean's program. Pretty much printed out all the workout sheets and some of the exercises guides and took them to the gym and got straight to it.

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The silver package includes all of the book in MP3 Format, Plus the main additional E Book on Cardio and Fat Loss that goes along with Muscle Building. I found the Fat Loss E Book excellent teamed with the muscle building book in order to learn how to cut muscles and lose fat all at the same time which is often a challenge.